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Adolfo Indacochea
Amneris Martinez
Fausto & Kate
Boris Dragon House
Jose Maldonado
Uriel & Vera
Billy Fajardo
Harold & Reagan
Caryl Cuizon
Mario B
Cristian Sola
iFreeStyle Pro-Am
Ashwin Raju
Dangerous Curves
PASOFino Shines
Fuego Y Hielo
Fuego Y Hielo Student
Luis & Jess
Alma Atlanta
UV Latin Dance
La Fuerza -
Alma Atlanta Men
Benie Duvallaire
Corazon de Alabama
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FADE Bachata Team
Sensual Bachata
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- DJ Suave Beats (Orlando)
- DJ Harvey Brisard (Miami)
- DJ Mario B (New Jersey)
- DJ Oso (Olando)
- DJ Mike Arana (Atl)
- DJ Jesus Portilla (Atl)
- DJ G (Miami)

Delia Madera

In 2007 she started taking salsa classes at Yamulee Dance Company, under the guidance of Osmar Perrones. Within few months Delia was ask to join Yamulee semi pro team called Bajari de Yamulee. After a year of training a doing shows Madera join the pro team Yamulee. In March 2009 Madera did her first international trip with Yamulee to Sweden. Since then to present Delia has travel almost all over the world: Italy, Argentina, France, Germany, Venezuela, Peru, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Mexico, Chile, Croatia etc. Also thought out DeliaMadera journey she had the pleasure to share the stage with Jose Alberto "El Canario", Johnny Ventura, New Swing and Sergio Vargas.

Fausto & Maria


Boris Penton

Jose Maldonado

Zafire Dance Project

Carlos Hernandez and Arlette Guerra founded Zafire Dance Project a few years ago after performing in several top NYC pro teams such as Karisma and Yamulee. The are well-known for their intense and energetic dancing style and have quite quickly become known in the NYC mambo community and also at national and international salsa congresses and festivals.

Uriel & Vera

Billy Fajardo

Harold & Regan

Caryl Cuizon

Caryl Cuizon is a co-founder of Dance Company, and artistic director of it’s dance school, performance teams as well as being a coach/choreographer/performer/competitor for iFreeStyle’s 12 x championship teams/couples. Caryl is known for her musicality, smooth following technique and her control, grace and energy.  She is sought after by students for her experience, teaching innovation and ability to break down techniques for diverse learning styles.

Mario B

Christian & Alejandra

Christian Sola is the founder and pioneer of Sensual Bachata starting back in 2004. The concept of the style is to train on how to connect and become one on the dance floor while showcasing other moves influenced by Sensual Dances such as Tango, Bolero, and Rumba. Over the past 14 years he has traveled the world, taught thousands to dance as well as host he's own Festival under his company Bahhari Productions.

Alejandra Fontao started dancing at a very young age in dances such as ballet, jazz, hip hop, etc. She then was introduced to Latin Dances and Sensual Bachata back in 2012. Christian & Alejandra became partners late 2012 and since then have performed & taught all over USA. They recently took their talent on a Europe Tour together and had the opportunity to showcase at first Daniel & Desiree Festival. Today Christian & Alejandra host The Unity of Dance Festival in Orlando, Florida; Direct their Bahhari's Sensual Bachata Teams; and teach locally, nationally, and internationally.


Ashwin Raju

Dangerous Curves

PASOFino Shine Challenge

Fuego Y Hielo

Fuquan Ferrell and Candace Joyner, Founders/Directors of Fuego Y Hielo Dance Company

Tshaims & Valentina

Fuego Y Hielo Student Team

Luis & Jess

Alma Latina Atlanta

UV Latin Dance Ladies Team

La Fuerza - Jacksonville

La Fuerza - Orlando